The original products of ZC "BOLESŁAWIEC" are marked with four types of logos.

The abbreviated logo, the so-called “kitten”, is the first and oldest logo of Zakłady Ceramiczne “BOLESŁAWIEC” registered in 1982. Tableware and pottery were marked with this logo in the beginning.

Currently the mark is applied to small-sized dishes manufactured by ZC “BOLESŁAWIEC”.

The company logo for classic and higher standard designs is the so-called oval logo combining the “kitten” logo and the capital letter “B” referring to the name of the town of Bolesławiec. The year 1946 used in the logo refers to the date the company was reactivated after the Second World War.

This has been used to mark the original ZC “BOLESŁAWIEC” products since 1997.

The “Three Towers” logo - styled after the Bolesławiec coat of arms. Created in 2001 specifically for marking the Company’s ceramic products decorated with rich motifs in a wide range of colours.

Logo dedicated to artistic, unique and exclusive decorations.

Logo with a decorator’s signature - placed on ZC “BOLESŁAWIEC” products to emphasise their uniqueness and individual character through the artistic use of a brush and stamp.

It is a testimony and, at the same time, a guarantee of origin of the products of the most prestigious series.