Milk jug

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Diameter [cm] 0.00
Length [cm] 9.30
Weight [kg] 0.240
Capacity [liter] 0.25
Height [cm] 8.60
Width [cm] 12.30
Milk jug• Ceramic milk jug with a capacity of 0.25 litres • A classic ceramic dish for serving milk or cream for coffee or tea, but in summer it can also be used to serve syrup to mix with water. • Milk jugs are included in coffee and tea sets, although they can also be used separately. • They can be washed in dishwashers, used in microwave ovens and used to store work in the fridge • Thanks to the glazing of the milk jug and firing at high temperature, the decoration is resistant to destruction • Prospective users will easily match the decoration of the milk jug to the ceramic dishes by Bolesławiec they already own. • Like all the ceramic dishes by Zakłady Ceramiczne "BOLESŁAWIEC", the milk jugs are also decorated by hand using stamps and brushes, thanks to which each is unique, and therefore there may be minimal differences in decoration between individual items within one decoration. D-120 decorationThis is one of the classic decorations of Boleslawiec pottery. Before our eyes stretches a delightful carpet of tiny flowers with cobalt-coloured petals and brown centres. The flowers are placed on the cream background very precisely and carefully one by one, so that their petals slightly touch each other. This gives an amazing effect. Decoration for connoisseurs. All decorations of the pottery manufactured in Zakłady Ceramiczne "BOLESŁAWIEC" are hand-made by artists using traditional methods - with stamps and brushes. After decorating and glazing, the pottery is subjected to a second firing at high temperature, thanks to which both the pottery and the decoration gain resistance to damage and colour change. Each hand-decorated item is unique, as slight differences in decoration are inevitable.